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Posted by on Jan 26, 2013 in Articles, Paris Live, Theatre | 0 comments

“A Man for All Seasons” Showcase of Local Talent

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A Man For All Seasons Paris Community Theatre January 25 2013The Paris Community Theatre never ceases to amaze us! On January 25, 2013 we settled in for the PCT’s premier presentation of “A Man for All Seasons”. Before the curtains were open we had the chance to go behind the scenes and hang out with the cast & crew. It takes a lot of preparation for a show like this to happen. Director Ray Karrer held a green room meeting with the team and boosted the spirit with stories from his theatrical past in the 70s. Sponsored by First Federal Community Bank this 16th century adorned masterpiece had everyone on the edge of their seat. The cast performed brilliantly as they told the story of Thomas More. The 2 part play details More’s dilemma as he casts aside his principles in standing up to King Henry VIII when the King rejected the Roman Catholic Church to obtain a divorce so that he may re-marry. The audience absorbed every moment of on-stage magic. A Man for All Seasons will continue to draw a crowd as it will be presented 6 more times this season. January 26th, 27th, & 31st as well as February 1st, 2nd, & 3rd you can witness “A Man for All Seasons” displaying some of the most outstanding talent at our beloved Plaza.

The Common Man – Edward Kelley
Sir Thomas More – Dalen Hobbs
Master Richard Rich – Travis Pugh
The Duke of Norfolk – Mike Risinger
Lady Alice More – Sally Boswell
Lady Margaret More – Brittani Spang-Klotz
Cardinal Wosley – Gary O’Connor
Thomas Cromwell – Joshua Maxwell
Chapuys Attendant – Miguel Silva
Signor  Chapuys  – Juan Espinosa
William Roper – Steven Pyles
King Henry VIII – William Walker
A Woman – Lisa Martin
Thomas Cranmer – Justin Gallant

Director – Ray Karrer
Assistant Director – Michelle Hobbs
Lighting -  Lisa Martin, Lindsey Espinosa
Sound – Christian Snider
Set & Lighting Design – Ray Karrer
Set Construction/Paint Crew – Travis Pugh, Shannon Hobbs, Justin Gallant, Steven Pyles, Michelle Hobbs, Dalen Hobbs, Mike Risinger
Costumes – Sue Jordan, Kathy Brown, Alan Jones, Flo Plummer, Karen Gray
Stage Crew – Justin Gallant, R.J. Case, Caven Thnompson
Makeup – Josh Maxwell, Sally Boswell
Props – Justin Gallant
House – Jan Easthouse
Ushers – Judy Martin, Ann Hardin, Mary Fransisco, Mary Jo Newman, Barbara Campbell, Dorris Patterson, Rona Vickers, Sue Smith, Virginia Harp, Lockey Mason, Jean Adams, Debbie Jones, Phyllis Bryan, Katie Easterhouse, Cheryl Moore, Ona Pritchard, Jo Heuberger
PJC Helpers – Kevin Calhoun, Kathryn Coner, R.J Case, Caven Thompson, Christian Snider

Special Thanks:
PJC & William Walker (costumes), Reno Sew & Vac, The Paris News, eparis, & Robbie Gunn, East Texas Broadcasting, and all of the local media, Shelly Bradford – Props & costumes.

For more information on the season please visit PCT’s Facebook page


Photos by Robbie Gunn



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