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Posted by on Nov 24, 2011 in Articles, Editorial | 0 comments


Culbertson Fountain Paris TexasI have recently moved to Paris. I thought it would be a wonderful town to raise my family. Now that I live here I could not ignore the downtown area. The downtown area has so much potential and it can be a vibrant part of the town. But unfortunately, it is known as the antique mecca of the North East Texas. I find it amazing that the city has allowed for some of its citizen to abuse the beautiful buildings and just let it decay as if it is just unimportant. Preserving the buildings downtown should be a primary concern of the city of Paris. That part of town is attracting people who want to invest in it. People who are interested in making downtown a beautiful and lively place are discouraged by the fact that there are a few buildings on the square that are there simply rotting. They look bad, and they are filled with junk and water when it rains. Let’s face it! The economy is really bad, but letting the buildings rot is not a good deal for the city. All buildings downtown should be brought up to code or at least have their roofs fixed to prevent further decay. People who purchase buildings to simply fill it with antiques and let it rot should be fined. The property might belong to them, but the square belongs to the city. If one day the square is revitalized, there is no doubt in my mind that the town will prosper.

By: solange



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