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Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Articles, Music, Paris Live | 0 comments

Mr. Pookie’s Back to School Bash at Crosswire

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The music scene in Paris, Texas is spilling out like lava, and the Crosswire was a musical volcano as people lined up to party with some of the big boys of rap. Mr. Pookie from “Dirty South”, scheduled to headline the event was laid back in the VIP section as local sensations Jrec and Leck kicked off the night with a few of their latest tracks. The place was packed with people from all over the area ready for an evening of entertainment. On stage as a backdrop were 2 beautiful portrait silhouettes painted by Jeremy Robinson, one being of “Traepac” and the other of “Leck”. The collaboration of Jrec+Leck=JLec was on fire! These guys know how to get the party started. Among the many ripe from the vine jams were “Trap to Life” (feat. Young Black), “Blake Griffin”, “F**k You Pay Me”, and “I Get Money” (feat. Big Chief).  The crowd was live and the party was in full effect as this power duo and their crew sprinkled the magic all around.

As the good times rolled on, the mood was set for Mr. Pookie & Mr. Montis to bring the bang. Hailing from the North side of Dallas, Texas, This phenomenal rapper is most known for having the biggest-selling (according to Soundscan) independent rap album from Dallas thus far “1999’s Tha Rippla”. Coming out hard from Stoney Brook apartments, Mr. Pookie has the true to life experience of hard knocks, and those trials are felt in his unique style of writing. His set for the show included familiar cuts like “Smoke One”, and “Crook for Life”, as well as new upcoming masterpieces like “Blue Flame”, and “We Raw”. Mr. Pookie & Mr. Montis double teamed the Crosswire stage proving that the original “old school” style of rap music is still king.

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Photos by Robbie Gunn




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