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Posted by on Jul 29, 2012 in Articles, Comedy, Paris Live | 0 comments

Caroline Picard Hits LMAO Comedy in Downtown Paris

LMAO Comedy is the perfect place for hilarious good times! Daryl Felsberg has built an entertainment hot-spot right in beautiful downtown Paris Texas. Week after week the talent hits the stage for a gut-busting evening full of surprises. This week’s lineup consisted of a long awaited return of 2 of the funniest ladies on comedy. Caroline Picard & Carolyn Agnew have been bouncing from venue to venue spreading humor with a feminine twist and after last year’s performance at Crosswire, Paris was ready for another roaring laugh fest. Opening the show was an understudy of Felsberg’s named J.D Mars. This was his first time ever under the lights but you couldn’t tell due to his ability to relate to the audience and pull the best out of his material.

Next up was Mrs. Sweetness herself, Carolyn Agnew. This girl had the place rolling with laughs. At the ripe age of 51, Carolyn shows the clubs exactly what comedy is. The headlining act was a real treat! Caroline Picard known as “The Cajun Queen” will have you on the edge of your seat. At the young age of 60, the woman in red boots will tickle your funny bone line after line. The evening was a gathering of comical genius at the only place in our area where you can just be yourself.

LOL with Carolyn Agnew!

Caroline Picard will blow your mind!

Check out what LMAO Comedy has coming up next!



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