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Posted by on Jun 21, 2012 in Articles, For Moms, Mom 2 Mom | 1 comment

Crafts for Toddlers

It’s not that difficult to find fun craft ideas for children over three, but when your tot is stuck somewhere between one and that magic number, it can be quite difficult finding something that your little one can actually do. So here are a few ideas to help jumpstart their creativity:

Make a Collage:

Cut pictures out of old books and magazines then put them in a shoe box, give your little one a glue stick and some construction paper, and let him go wild. If your tot has not mastered the glue stick yet, let him pick out the picture he wants, put some glue on it for him, then hand it back so he can slap it on the page.  This craft is great because it is both cheap and fun.

Color with Double-Sided Markers:

For the longest time, my son would not push down hard enough to color with a crayon, and every time I gave him a marker, he would try to color with the wrong end. Then I found double-sided markers at Big Lots. I just took the caps off both ends, and then he was sure to hit the page.

Use Stickers:

I have never met a toddler who was not obsessed with stickers. Give your tot a sheet of stickers, some paper, or a box, and let him decorate it. If he can’t pull the stickers off himself, just give him a little help. You can find great deals on stickers at Walmart (in both the birthday-party and toy aisles) and at the Dollar Tree.

Try No-Mess Color Gel:

Take a large ziplock bag and fill it with hair gel, your kiddo’s favorite food coloring, and some glitter. Close the bag, lay it flat, and let your kiddo draw in the gel with his finger. To erase, just run your hand over the bag.

Try No-Mess Finger Paint:

Put a piece of paper on a hard surface, like a book, and put finger paint on the paper. Next, wrap the book and paper in saran wrap, and let your kiddo finger paint mess-free.

Try Shaving Cream “Paint:”

Spray some shaving cream on a table, smooth it out, and let your little one draw in it. You can even add food coloring for some extra flare. Feeling brave? Fill up a muffin tin with shaving cream and make each compartment a different color. Then, give your kid a paint brush, and let him paint the bathtub.

Try No-Mess Water “Paint:”

Give your little one a bucket of water and a few paint brushes and let him paint outside on the driveway. Okay, so this isn’t a good one for rainy days, but it is still a fun thing to try.

Happy Crafting!



1 Comment

  1. I love these ideas, especially the no mess water painting! Fabulous! Just fabulous!!

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