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Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Animals, Articles | 0 comments

Discover the Beauty of Jan-Kay Ranch

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What comes to mind when you think of the word “Beautiful”? Well I for one have an entirely new take on the word and the meaning behind it. Take the focus off of your everyday concrete & plastic surroundings and applying it to the wonderful world that has been given to us as well as all of the beautiful creatures that live in it, you too will change your outlook on the word “Beautiful”.

On November 20th, 2012 we took the short drive to Detroit, Texas to experience once again the beauty of the only Christian Camp in our area that introduces you to the elegance and power of earth’s exotic animals. Jan-Kay Ranch has been bringing people back to the basics of life with the word of God and love of his animals since 1970. The peaceful place is a non-profit Christian Retreat Facility. Head Animal Supervisor DeWayne Nance welcomed us to the reserve and gave us an inside look at what the camp has to offer.

The camp is open to any church group or school that wishes to witness the fascinating spectacles beyond its gates. Beside the main office, the cozy Buffalo Hotel can hold 63 people in 16 rooms and is available soon for family reunions. Inside you will find a wild and inviting décor that displays the fascinating world in which we live in. Cabins are available for large groups.  Just outside the Buffalo Hotel is entertainment in abundance. From Mini-Golf & Volleyball to Basketball courts & Water Slides there is always something to get in to.

As you journey toward the center of the encampment you will discover many different species of exotic animals including Buffalo, Zebra, Spider Monkeys, Lemur, Macaque, Kangaroo, a Sulcata Tortoise, 2 Bengal Tigers named “Tigger” & “Lilly”, Alex the 6yr old Lion, Black Bears, Camels, and Peacocks. Our favorite and star of Jan-Kay Ranch was a 26 years old White Rhino named “Ripper”.

As we walked through absorbing everything, we spoke with DeWayne Nance about the camp. He said “This is our little world, our peaceful home away from all negativity.” We asked DeWayne, what was his favorite part about working at the camp and he responded “Bringing people closer to Jesus”. “If one life is saved it is all worth it” he added.

People from all over the world have visited this tranquil place and when they leave there is an abundant love in their hearts and peace in their minds. We would like to thank Jan-Kay Ranch for sharing the love of God’s creatures with everyone and inviting us out for a day filled with gorgeous earthly wonder.

Jan-Kay Ranch is available year-round for youth camps, adult retreats, and Church Retreats. Just call 903.674.3158 or e-mail to get all the details.

or visit their website…

Photos by Robbie Gunn



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