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Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Articles, Music, Paris Live | 0 comments

Eleven Hundred Springs at Buffalo Joe’s

As hot as it is a cool refreshing spring sounds quenching, or better yet 1,100 of them! Buffalo Joe’s invited Eleven Hundred Springs to the stage to spark the party once more. If it’s in a pasture blasting out of the back of a Ford, or at an arena under the big lights, the music from this 5 member ensemble will rope you right in. With 9 albums in circulation and more to come, these guys are snatching up fans town after town and doing what they love. Among the lineup of original tunes we heard were “I’m an S.O.B. When I’m S.O.B.E.R”, “Every Time I Get Close To You”, and new single “Hard Workin’ Just Ain’t Workin’ Anymore”. Focusing on their original music, the band still managed to throw in a couple of familiar covers including oldie-but-goodie “Taking Me Back to Tulsa” by Bob Wills. Well-seasoned and back road ready, Eleven Hundred Springs introduced Joe’s to a two-stepping top-popping good time.

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Photos by Robbie Gunn



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