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Posted by on Jan 25, 2012 in Articles, Gain Insight, Paris Life | 0 comments

Gain Insight: Son Being Bullied

Pat Palmeri of Insight Counseling & Psychological Assessment Paris Texas, is here to answer your questions. Use the form below to ask the therapist.

Dear Pat

I am afraid that my son is being bullied at school. He never wants to go to school. He comes home missing a few things here and there. When I ask him about it, he tells me to not worry, and that he lost them. I talked to his teacher a few times and she doesn’t seem concerned. But when I talk to his sister, she says that there are a few kids that pick on her brother and that she has tried to tell his teacher and anyone that will listen. What do I do? He is the sweetest boy and I don’t understand why he won’t tell me what is really going on.


Dear Mom,

If your daughter is confirming her brother is on the receiving end of  bullying at school and  tried to inform his teacher and was dismissed, and you also have had a discussion with his teacher that was also dismissed then it’s time to take this a step further. It seems to me that your next step is to have a conversation with the Principal.  If that doesn’t satisfy you then a formal letter of complaint stating what you have done up to this point without effect sending it to administration with copies to the teacher and the Principal. No child should have to go school only to be beaten up every day or blackmailed into giving money and other possessions to peers.  Bullying is a problem in many of our schools.  Parents must remain vigilant and if you suspect this is going on investigate further.  In my opinion, this is abuse in the form of terrorism and terrorism is a criminal offense.  You also have other choices.  You can always home school him or put him in another school.  Now, the problem with taking him out of this school and placing him in another one does not guarantee  the bullying will not be an issue at the new school.   If this is happening in any school I would encourage parents to get together and pressure the school system to put a stop to it.  If this means parents monitor the school inside and out during the school day then get organized.  When you turn your child over to the schools for the day you expect your child will be safe.  If you have to ensure that safety by taking this into your hands then do it.  If your school has a PTA (I think it goes by another name now) you might want to bring it up at a meeting. The last time I looked parents were the last authority in their child’s life and are obligated to see that their kids have a safe environment at home and at school.

Patricia Palmeri, MA, LPC


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