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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Articles, Music, Paris Live | 1 comment

I Am the Circus Song Proceeds Go to Endangered Ark Foundation of Hugo

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The crew at was invited to take part in a moving musical experience. On November 14th, 2012 we headed out to Hawthorne Studios in Powderly, Texas to witness the release of a song that will hopefully bring awareness to the impact that elephants make on many people’s lives. The Endangered Ark Foundation of Hugo is the only elephant sanctuary in the United States. The cost of caring for the 29 elephants in the herd gets expensive (up to 500,000 a year) and elephant lover & music producer  Jacque Hollander has stepped up to aid in the endeavor of making sure these beautiful creatures stay happy and healthy. She contacted Rick Hawthorne on a referral from Rockin’ L Music and decided to record one of her songs at his breathtaking state of the art studio.

Many well-known musicians including Calvin Hickerson, Staley Rogers, Todd Hines, Tyler Edwards, and Rick Hawthorne breathed life into Jacque’s “I Am the Circus”.  We gathered inside the studio for a first time playback of the pre mastered mix and were blown away by the vocals that were laid down by 16 year old Carson & Barnes trapeze performer Franchesca Cavallini. Working around elephants in her profession she put her heart into the song. She recorded both an English version and a Spanish version of the song in which it was decided that the more powerful of the two would be the Spanish version. Both versions of “I Am the Circus” will be available for purchase by Christmas and 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Endangered Ark Foundation of Hugo Oklahoma. During our visit we got close and personal with 3 gorgeous elephants named Traci, Lisa, and Becky all of which put on an amazing show right in front of the studio. I never would have imagined getting close to such a magnificent animal much less have the privilege of petting one. We are ecstatic about the project and wish the Endangered Ark Foundation and Jacque Hollander the best as they release the song to the public in hopes of a better life for the elephants.

See what Jacque has to say about the project

For more information about the project please contact Jacque Hollander at 815-814-5671 or Kristina Parra at 918-605-1360

Please visit the Endangered Ark Foundation here…

Photos by Robbie Gunn



1 Comment

  1. There are actually two elephant sanctuaries in the United States. The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and the Performing Animals Welfare Society in California. They do not breed, don’t loan out their animals, and only use protected contact training.

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