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Posted by on Jul 7, 2011 in Articles, Local Business | 0 comments

Metromint Now At Panizza

Yesterday I had the craving for the delicious Panizza! I had the same amazing experience as before but this time there was a cool minty surprise…Metromint. While waiting for my panizza, I wanted something to cool me off while in the searing heat. So the proprietor offered me this new refreshing drink he is currently selling.

Always wanting to try something new I quickly agreed and purchased this new minty beverage. I twisted the cap open and took a sip. The water was absolutely delicious! There were many flavors but I tried the Goodberry and Peppermint. The only way I can describe the experience is like chewing a mint gum except it’s water, cool and refreshing.

Metromint is an unsweetened 0 calorie filtered water. The only thing that adds it a sweet flavor is the mint. There are many flavors of Metromint too. For more information on Metromint go to their website Here! The only place that sells Metromint locally is Panizza! So please drop by and try it out especially on a nice hot day.

metromint water paris texas panizza



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