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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Articles, Music, Paris Live | 0 comments

Mic Manik & Three Brothers Drafthouse To Host Hit Recording Artist BIG SMO This Sunday

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Mic Manik & Three Brothers Drafthouse hosts hit recording artist BIG SMO! This Sunday December, 30th 2012 get ready for ignition as Big Smo launches his epic performance. This larger than life rap icon has gained a fan base all over the world. Hits like “Kick Mud” & “Boss of the Stix” are perfect back-road riding anthems. We gave Smo a ring to ask him a few questions prior to the appearance.

I sat down with Big Smo to get the rundown of how it’s been going and what to expect out of his performance at the Drafthouse.

Big Smo:  Hey what’s good?

IPT: Hey Smo what’s been going on?

Big Smo: Ah you know sitting in the back of the tour bus, living the dream!

IPT: Yeah your manager told us that you just got back from sound check. Y’all are at Riverside Warehouse in Shreveport tonight right?

Big Smo: Right down here by the Red River.

IPT: Yeah we hear you are on a mini Texas tour promoting the latest EP entitled “Grass Roots”
We listened to a few of those tracks and they are banging! We can’t wait to introduce you to our listeners on Paris Live Open Mic. Mic Manik is the one who turned us on to you as he is putting on the show at the Drafthouse. We actually check out your YOUTUBE and right now you are sitting at  nearly 11 million views!  How does that make you feel?

Big Smo: It makes me feel thankful for YouTube. I’m certain that I would not be here today if it had not been for not only the internet but for the YouTube, being able to share videos and stuff like that so I give a great part of my success towards the internet.

IPT: Now you are on Facebook, Twitter, Reverb Nation,  you are jacked in right?

Big SMO: Yeah my social media presence is “Swoll”

IPT: Yeah taking a look at your website and the graphics and pictures are amazing and everything looks great on that end. So how was your Christmas?

Big Smo: Everything was great I have 3 daughters, 2 13yr olds and a 9yr old, after a couple of days of shopping sprees and some online shopping, I wrapped it up and it was all to put a smile on everybody’s face. So I guess you could say it was successful!

IPT: Now where did you celebrate your Kuntry Christmas at?

Big Smo: Right here at the house. My Farm in Tennessee.

IPT: Right on! Are you looking forward to performing down here in the southern states?

Big Smo: Oh yeah it’s my home away from home. Ever since this thing picked up a couple of years ago Texas has shown me a lot of love so going to Texas is really like going home. I get the same thrill going across Texas State Line as I do going back across Tennessee.

IPT: So what can we expect out of your performance at the Drafthouse?

Big Smo: Well it depends on whether they will let me bring in my jar of moonshine or not. Regardless you are going to get a handful of moving lyrics. Lyrical content is very important to us, it’s not just a bunch of “empty out about nothing”. We have a lot of stories to tell with our songs and then you have the backwoods Southern sound coming in from the instruments, the hip hop sound with the 808s/DJ that’s in my band “DJ Oil Rig”. It’s a real “in your face” performance. Like something you’ve never seen before, and I have seen everything else.

IPT: We have seen all kinds of entertainment around our area and I don’t think we have seen anything quite like your performance. The crew from Paris Live Open Mic will be there along with and all of your supporters & fans. We are all going to rally round you and crowd the stage so you’d better get ready yourself.

Big Smo: Sounds like a family reunion!

IPT: Well Smo thank you for your time. You keep doing what you do and we look forward to seeing you this Sunday at the Drafthouse.

Absolutely man thank you for everything brother, we will see you soon!

For more information on the upcoming show visit the event invite on Facebook…

Find Three Brothers Drafthouse here..

Hear the full audio commercial here…




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