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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Articles, Locals | 3 comments

New Hope Women and Children’s Shelter

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The New Hope Women and Children’s shelter, formally known as Models of the Maker, doesn’t just have a new name; it has new administration, new direction, and new programming. The New Hope shelter is a homeless prevention shelter and is currently the only shelter of its kind around Paris, housing up to 30 individuals.

Women and children of our community who have nowhere else to go (because of job loss, illness, loss of spouse, and numerous other reasons) turn to this shelter to find hope. First, women and children are provided a safe and secure environment, as each applicant is thoroughly screened. Next, women and children are individually assessed by staff members to identify and help meet each person’s unique physical and emotional needs; because as Gay Ballew believes, it is important to get those needs straightened out first so women can be successful later in the workforce.

And, New Hope has several ways to meet these individual needs. For example, New Hope works with the Paris Food Pantry, Operation Second Chance, the Paris Pregnancy Center, The Agape House, volunteer doctors (and many, many more) to help get women get back on their feet. Families are provided with food, basic, necessary health care, job training, counseling, enrichment classes (such as cooking and life-skills classes, as well as mandatory parenting classes), and more, as well as information on how to access available resources until they can get back on their feet.

These families are also taught to be part of the community. New Hope’s goal is to teach these women and children that nothing in life is free, but everything is earned. That is why the women and children are required to give back to the agencies (through volunteer work) that support New Hope. Families are also encouraged to participate in community events, such as attending the theatre, going to the rodeo, visiting the movie theatre or movies in park, going to the Pumpkin Festival, and more (all at generously discounted rates). New Hope is truly a community-serving, community-building, community-supported agency.

Currently, New Hope is having a fundraiser, which is culminating on November 3rd in the Exhibit building at the fairgrounds. They are raffling off a Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle Fatboy (tickets available at Harley Davidson, Paris Honda Yamaha, and Colortyme), as well as hosting a meet and greet with free hot dogs, drinks, and live Bluegrass music. Stop in and learn about this local charity, the great need we have here in our community, and what you can do to help.




  1. Hello,
    We actually do not work at New Hope. We just wrote the article. Your best bet would be to contact the center directly.Here is the link to their website:

    Hopefully you can get the assistance you need. Thanks.

  2. I am writing to inquire about possibly securing help for my daughter and grandson. My daughter is currently a patient at Glenn Oaks Psychiatric Hospital. She suffers from bi-polar disorder. She moved to Paris with her boyfriend who has basically abandoned her. She has a 14 month old son and is currently 12-15 weeks pregnant. Her boyfriend is caring for her son while she is hospitalized, however, she has no place to go once she is discharged. Do you have a program that could possibly fit her needs or can you refer me to someone who does? Unfortunately I am in Michigan and trying to assist her to the best of my ability from where I am.
    Thank You for Your Assistance
    Andrala Fales

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