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Posted by on Jun 5, 2011 in Music, Paris Live | 0 comments

Downing Way & ShutDownTown Jammed at Crosswire

A great time was had by all who came out for the Downing Way/ShutDownTown  show last night at Crosswire here in Paris. Downing Way opened for SDT, with Daniel Hayes on vocals & guitar, Britt Melton on guitar and back-up vocals, James Alexander on bass, and a fill-in drummer. Their set list consisted of a nice mix of strong covers of “Ready To Love”, “Simple Man”,  and even stronger originals like “Drive”. When asked how it felt to be up onstage in Paris, Daniel Hayes said it was good, and that they all had a good time.

Before ShutDownTown went onstage after Downing Way, InParisTexas had a chance to interview them. When asked what the best part about playing in Paris Texas was, the lead singer Amanda replied, “Paris is very accepting of us. From the first day, Paris has been good to us.” When they were asked to describe their sound, the band agreed it was 90′s grunge with 80′s country. “Think Alice in Chains meets Dixie Chicks”. Their musical inspirations  were Heart, Alice in Chains, and of course Dixie Chicks. Coming next for ShutDownTown is Acoustic Madness in Plano, a private party the following weekend, with Texas Bull in July.

If I had to describe ShutDownTown’s sound, it was powerful vocals being backed up by a strong band as a whole. They have a good, full sound with great guitar licks and riffs. “How Do We Go From Here?” was a moving and beautiful song. If you missed the show, shame on you. It was a great show, without a doubt, ShutDownTown will come back again to Paris.

Once again the staff of Crosswire knew how to do their job. Not only that, they premiered their new Saturday night special. Every Saturday night, they will be showing off a new (exclusive to Crosswire) shot. Don’t miss next week’s show with the Cody Riley Band!




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