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Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 in Articles, How To | 1 comment

Password Safety in Paris Texas

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You hear about it all the time,  “someone hacked my account.” The truth is not only are most computer users at risk online from many fronts, but they also are lured into a false sense of security from programs sold to keep them safe. One of the most fundamental tools that any user can have is good password habits. Most people use the same patterns, and hackers know these patterns well.

Password hackers understand that there is a 50% chance that a password has one or more vowels. They also know that if a password has a number it will be 1 or 2 and be at the end. If it contains a capital letter, it will be the first letter. Since us average people have a working vocabulary of max 150 thousand words (Notice I said average) these words are likely to appear in the password. Armed with these tools, simple programs are created to allow for the work to be done for password hackers.

Women are known to use personal names and dates in their passwords; men tend to go for hobbies. With social networking, these habits make it even more apparent towards what a password could be.

So what should you do in Paris, Texas to protect your wireless, phones, social networking, financial information and other password needs? As Paris, Texas grows online, it is important that everyone adopt good password habits from the start. If you are one of the above mentioned people, password changes are in order.

Security expert Roger Grimes writes at InfoWorld about how easily passwords can be guessed and says that these days passwords need to be longer than the mere six-to-eight characters typically used.

Here are some tips for good password habits:

1. Lengthen your password to more than eight characters.

2. Use a random password generator.

3. Avoid using names, hobbies, dates, or any mixture of these items.

4. Randomization is your friend. Not using words at all is even better.

5. Mix symbols, numbers, and capital letters to maximize the password.

6. Keep close tabs on your electronic habits. Watch for possible breaches of security and be ready to change the password immediately.

7. Change your password following the suggestions every so often. I like to change my passwords every month.



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