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Posted by on Jan 20, 2013 in Articles, Music, Paris Live | 0 comments

Red River Saloon’s Songwriters Showcase Displays Local Talent

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Red River Saloon Songwriters Showcase Paris Tx January 19 2013Paris, Texas is packed with musical talent! Our beloved city has spawned some of the best musicians in the south. The Red River Saloon has been introducing this talent, and just about every weekend the fresh venue is packed with local music lovers.

On January 19th, 2013 everyone was eager to witness the Songwriter’s Showcase. The evening’s lineup included songs from Michael O’Neal, Zack Jones, Alex Addy, & TJ Cheshire. Armed with acoustic axes, the boys put on an amazing show.

Michael O’Neal “The Godfather of Folk & Roll” in Paris has influence countless musical composers each time he grabs the six-string. I have been focusing on our scene for many years now and in my opinion he is more than likely the best songwriter in the area along with the great Cas Haley. Among the handful of original tunes he performed was “5x7s” and “Ten 12s”. If you get the chance to experience this guy’s soulful sound, you will never forget it. As the Saloon continued to fill up, Michael O’Neal passed the microphone over to the next performer.

Zack Jones has carved his name into the Paris music scene since before his 2010 release of his album “Constant Liftoff”. With powerful vocals and an intense friendship with his Guild, Mr. Jones painted a melodic picture for us all. Throughout the showcase he presented a few of our favorites. “Jenny “and “Home to You” held you in the moment with nostalgic essence.

The next songwriter to man the mic was none other than Alex Addy. Normally on the road with the Tambourine Machine, Alex settled in for a night of unplugged magic. The energy that Mr. Addy brings to the stage is unmatchable. His original material derives from many folk, rock, jazz, and blues influences. He had the audience in his pocket as he fired out pieces like “Smart Phones for Stupid People” and current hit on Paris Live Open Mic “Better Man”. Sparking up the good times, Alex Addy has proven to be the party animal icon on the Paris music scene.

As each of the guys displayed their best, TJ Cheshire melted right into the mix with dynamite lead guitar and melodic runs. This ensemble of accomplished troubadours defines the music scene in Paris, Texas and represents the abundance of musical culture in the area. Check out these and many other unbelievable local artists on Paris Live Open Mic every Wednesday night at

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Photos by Robbie Gunn



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