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Posted by on Aug 12, 2012 in Articles, Music, Paris Live | 0 comments

Rocktastic Show at the Depot

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Fallen has proven to be the best rock band in Paris, Texas. On Saturday August 11, 2012 The Depot was elbow to elbow with music fans as 3 powerful rock bands set fire to the stage. Kicking off the night of madness was Slow to the Cause. This 5 member ensemble injected everyone with their all original melodic rock meltdown. Among the set of solid sounds were “Healing of the Nation”, “Anger”, and current hit on Paris Live Open Mic “They Don’t Want You”. If pure heart-pounding metal is what you crave, then you need look no further. Slow to the Cause is in a class of their own blasting out a unique blend of vocal driven Rock & Roll.

Up next making their return to Paris was a band from Tyler, Texas labeled “Trust Not”. Their ability to draw you in to the bleeding melodious soul of rock is second to none. They have been traveling from city to city, making their mark in every venue that they play. Paris had a second helping of sonic entertainment as the band detonated their six-string distortion. Original songs like “Dark Hauntings”, “Love hate”, and “Echoes” genuinely display the bands writing ability. Trust Not gave The Depot exactly what they came for as they ended their slot with an explosion of heavy metal ministry.

The Depot was fired up as everyone anticipated Fallen’s performance. With Andrew & Billy on the strings, David banging the skins, and Jeremy fronting the band, Fallen put the pedal to the metal! This was the most amazing performance that we have seen in Paris, Texas in a long time. The stage was crowded with fans as the guys provoked the monster in us all. Fallen has recently released a 3 song EP available only at live shows, and let me tell you it is as mind blowing as a 15 song full album. The night belonged to this unmatchable guitar driven band. Their set was infused with an inferno of original heavy rock tunes including “B**ch”, “Whisper”, and the most requested rock song on Paris Live Open Mic called “Eyes of Medusa”. David Crossland had a surprise for us as he rocked a Dub-Step drum solo turning the dance floor into disturbed ant pile! The band beefed up their set with a few covers as well. Their rendition of “Snuff” by Slipknot (see video below) sent chills down my spine. The entire evening was dedicated to rock and the fans that keep it alive.

This night of rock was brought to you by The Depot, My Rock 96.5, and Electric Steel Body Jewelry. Without the support of people/businesses like these, our local rock scene would surely crumble.

Check out Slow to the Cause on Facebook

Trust Not Rocks! ..

Fallen will blow your mind…

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Photos by Robbie Gunn



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