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Posted by on Jan 13, 2013 in Articles, Music, Paris Live | 1 comment

Six Bullet Roulette and Broken Silence Bring Metal to the Depot

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Six Bullet Roulette Broken Silence Depot Paris Tx January 12 2013The Depot was in flames as we all had a double shot of metal! Six Bullet Roulette along with Broken Silence ripped up the stage with guitar driven insanity. It was live and loud as Hangar 18 provided sound and cranked it up for the fans.

Opening the show were Athens based rockers “Broken Silence”. These guys were introduced by Chad Lindsey of My Rock 96.5 and showed Paris, Texas how to rock. With powerful vocals and thrashing guitar, this 4 member monster melted faces. Their set was an all original lineup except for an awesome rendition of “My Hero” by Foo Fighters. When it comes to the pen and paper, Broken Silence has it down. Original Songs like “Scape Goat”, and current hit on Paris Live Open Mic “War” are excellent additions to any head bangers collection. Keep your eyes and ears fixated on these boys as they will be releasing a brand new full length album this year!

The headlining band is well known for their energetic music. Six Bullet Roulette has been on the Paris music scene for over 5 years and is an unstoppable force of in your face rock. Front man & vocalist Daniel Hayes pours his soul into the microphone as Aaron Davenport works his magic on the six string. If you add the animal attitude of Billy White on drums and Dakota Jackson thumping bass, you get a recipe for a musical eruption like no other. The guys blasted out many crowd favorites like “What If” by Creed and “Save Me” by Damage Plan, but the raw talent is displayed in their own material.  Playing songs from their 2008 release like “Think it Over” & new tunes from their 2012 Alex Gerst EP release like “Indestructible” Six Bullet Roulette rattled the walls of the Depot.


Check out the video clips from the show…
Broken Silence – War performed at the Depot special mention to Paris Live Open Mic…

Six Bullet Roulette – Think it Over with Hangar 18 intro performed at the Depot…

Find Six Bullet Roulette here…

Look up Broken Silence
Photos by Robbie Gunn



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  1. that band is still terrible

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