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Posted by on Jan 9, 2011 in Articles, Landmarks | 2 comments

The Culbertson Fountain: Piece of Paris Texas History

The Culbertson Fountain was a gift from Mr. JJ. Culbertson in 1927. It was an idea he had from a family vacation he took in Italy. This is the reason the fountain was made of Italian marble. This symbolic monument is located in the plaza in the center of down town Paris Texas. It took three years to complete from (1924-1927). The Culbertson Fountain was also mentioned in an article in (Texas Monthly) and was named “The Prettiest Plaza in the State of Texas.”

The Culbertson fountain was made as a symbol or a mark forward in Paris Texas history. It symbolized what the town had gone through and the rebuilding of Paris after the 1916 fire that destroyed a majority of the city. Mr. Culbertson is also a helping hand to Paris Texas not only for his generous gifts placed around town. But also because he was as a Good Samaritan who helped to restore Paris after the fire.

Mr. Culbertson also has a park in Paris Texas named after him. The Culbertson Park located on the corner of Hearon St. and 16th St. covering over 7 acres. The Culbertson Family has placed a significant impact on the town of Paris. The Famous Mr. Culbertson has a notable mausoleum located in Evergreen Cemetery here in Paris Texas.


The Culbertson Fountain





  1. Loved the picture of the “Culbertson Fountain!” It has always been beautiful. So remember going “downtown” and sitting around the “Square!” It was always so beautiful during the Christmas Holidays!!!

  2. Looking forward to reading more of your articles in the future.

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