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Posted by on Jan 14, 2013 in Articles, Local Business | 0 comments

This Week’s Featured Business: Electric Steel Body Jewelry & Piercing Studio

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Electric Steel Body Jewelry & Piercing Studio Paris TxEach week, InParisTexas will be focusing on local businesses, shining a spotlight on their current and future services. Please be sure to read to find out more about these businesses.

How long has Electric Steel Body Jewelry been in business?

We are a small locally owned business that opened October 30, 2010! We moved to our current location 3697 Lamar Ave, in Sept. 2011.
What products or services do you offer Paris, Texas?
We offer a wide variety of body jewelry for navel, lip,eyebrow,nose,tongue, ear/cartilage….including all size gauges & tapers for those stretching the ears. We also carry bracelets, necklaces, and stainless steel rings for both men & women. We have a piercer on staff Monday – Saturday 11am-7pm, and we are also open on Sundays and do piercings by appointment only on Sundays. We currently have a small variety of t-shirts in stock, however with much consideration have decided to clearance those out and expand our selection on what we know best…body jewelry!
Do you have any new services or products that you will be offering?
We are hoping 2013 has a lot of good changes in store for ESBJ! We have a few ideas up our sleeves and hopefully will be able to make them happen and share with our customers soon! We are definitely planning on expanding our selections of body jewelry this year. When our customers come in, our goal is to have them find whatever it is they are looking for and leave with a smile!
Any upcoming special events? Contest, open house, special sales or offers, etc?
We currently have a loyalty program in place. For every $5 you spend in our store, you get punches on your loyalty card. Once your card is full you receive a 15% discount off total purchase at your next visit. Once you redeem that card for your discount, your name is put into our loyalty box and the 1st day of every month we draw a name and that loyal customer wins a $20 gift card.
We are also having a sale on all T-shirts, 30% off.
What makes your business stand out from businesses that offer similar things to the public?
We take pride in making ESBJ a clean, friendly shop that anyone of any age will find enjoyable to visit. We stay on a personable level with our customers and let you know we appreciate you supporting our business. We keep our prices as low as possible so even in the worst of economy a person can buy themselves something, or purchase a gift for a friend without breaking their bank account. We also strive to make sure our customers get what they come looking for. If we do not have it, we do our very best to find it and get it as quickly as possible. We are happy to say that we offer the largest variety of piercing jewelry than any other retail store within our area, and we are constantly adding new choices to our selection.
Is there anything else you would like to make Paris aware of?
YES!! We have a mission….We would like to change most people’s perception of people with piercings…and tattoos for that matter! We are your everyday people, Moms, Dads, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, business owners, teachers, nurses and doctors, waitresses, cashiers…the list goes on. A person is never too old to get that 1st piercing or tattoo. Most people want them, but are worried about what other people will say or think! The jewelry or tattoos that one chooses to wear are simply an expression of them self and does not make that person a “BAD” person. Take the jewelry out, or cover that tattoo up….that person’s heart, soul, and mind are still the exact same person, nothing changed except the appearance. Keep in mind, the person at the grocery store that had that piercing or tattoo could very well be the same person that may one day help save a loved one’s life! We should never discriminate for any reason. God doesn’t judge us for any reason…we shouldn’t judge each other.
And last but not least, we want to thank Paris for supporting our shop, let’s make 2013 the best year ever!
Please visit Electric Steel Body Jewelry & Piercing Studio for all of your piercing and body jewelry needs! You can “Like” them on Facebook and stay up to date on their new products as well as special events!



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